6 Video Production Tips from Experts to Drive Views and Conversion

Videos are necessary to boost your website. People consume videos these days, especially if they’re too busy to read long articles. They also don’t mind watching long videos if they’re entertaining and worth the time. However, not all videos go viral. Therefore, you must be wise in determining what to include in the video. Here are some tips to consider in video production to drive views and eventually boost conversion rates. 

  1. Know your target audience

Not everyone can relate to the same video. Even a popular one might not appeal to a few people since they’re not the target audience. The point is you should know whom you’re talking to. Understand what the audiences wish to see and how to entice them to watch until the end. If you target younger people, the approach must differ from your strategies with a different age group. It also helps to make them feel like you care about them to know their interests. 

  1. Don’t sell all the time 

A common mistake in video production is trying to sell products and services all the time. Sure, you want people to know what you sell. However, it doesn’t mean you must sell products all the time. Be strategic in determining where to sell. It doesn’t even have to be on the video. You can place it on the credits or description box. 

  1. Be creative and original 

Find a way to make your videos creative and outstanding. You don’t want a new video to look like it’s something people saw before. They won’t bother watching it. Compare your videos with existing ones and spot the similarities. Make sure the videos are relevant and try to be witty in incorporating recent events or pop culture references. You may also work with agencies offering video production services to help you conceptualize the videos. 

  1. Stay true to your brand

Even if your goal is to entertain your audience, the bigger picture is about promoting your brand. Hence, it makes sense to stay true to your brand no matter what happens. Even your choices of colors and music must be relevant to your brand. So find a way to remind people about what your company stands for whenever there’s an opportunity. 

  1. Use the first few seconds wisely

Posting a video is like publishing an article—the first few seconds matter. You want to lure viewers in until they decide to finish the entire video. If the first seconds bored them, they would close the video. The worst part is you can’t convince them to come back. So make it pop and keep everyone interested until the end. 

  1. Be strategic in posting the video

If you wish to post the video on your website, it must be in a good location. Work with a Miami web design agency if your business is located in the area, to ensure that the video looks great. Publish the video at the right time where you can maximize potential visitors. Advertise after you post and ask more people to watch. 

With these tips, your videos will help boost your online popularity.