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Flipper Remote provides an entire new dimension in remote accessing of television with simple to comprehend controls. Keeping the interest of the young and the old, this unique device has been conceptualized. A one-stop answer to access your Television set, cable and satellite DTV, the product eradicates the need to switch from one remote control to the other when you’re watching your much-loved tv programs.

In noticeable contrast to the Tv remote rolling code transmitter control devices which are at this moment seen universally, the Flipper Remote doesn’t have n-number of controls, which confuse the owners like children and the elderly. They’re constructed to have the bare minimum of buttons to access the Television to offer easy use to the children and the grown ups. The noticeable and perfectly-defined control buttons are engineered for specifically this section of the Television audiences, but its simply used by everyone. For the general convenience of all users, the Flipper buttons have been made bold and large.

Distinctive feature
In this special Television remote device, you can program up to thirty stations in one switch. And when the control button starts, the channels are shown on-screen for you to scroll across to select your favorite station. by doing this you can not only function a lot of tv channels that are beamed by your service providers, but by classifying them under a common number you could remember the controls better.

Additional capabilities
To stop young children from reprogramming either accidentally or playfully, there is an option to secure the program code, conveniently. And to prevent inadvertent pushing of the control keys by kids, you also have the option of hiding the number buttons, leaving only control buttons for stepping up and down the number of channel and the volume level.

Easy set-up
The new age Television remote control device is compatible with every Tv which makes it convenient to switch-over from your old remote control. The system could be set-up easily through entry codes or through auto search set-up options. As soon as the remote system has been set up, the one-touch power on/off switch concurrently switches on both the TV and the set-top box of the DTV.